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I wish to contribute to the recent awakening and movement which is trggered by heinous rape and death incident in India...

Once again a daughter is sacrificed
Tormented n wounded was she to the core
So barbarically, that she lost her life
Questioning humanity that how many more!

Once again someone has dared
Acted sinful and immoral
Beleaguered and coerced the innocent
To prove his satanic power

Once again I heard
This dark sinister laughter
My ears deafen with splitting
and piercing screams of torture

Once again I tossed n turned
Sleepless through the night
I called upon ‘O God’,
Who claims to be almight

You’re known to be Supreme,
So where is your clout
I learnt you stood for the weak,
Protected with your shroud

We learnt from the scriptures
One pays for one’s misdeeds
I haven’t seen many brought to justice
Virtuous victims only recede

All that while we cry hoarse
Against the malevolent society
Why shouldn’t we then question
Your chauvinistic deity

Dowry deaths, honor killings
and daily physical assaults
Or shouldn’t we support the womb killings
to save the pain afterwards

Once again I have no answer
to our daughters we raise
No protection can I guarantee,
No promise I can make

My heart is torn for the sufferers,
Who fall to devils’ prey
How can we be their guardians,
When You are not au'fait

How many more sacrifices
And assaults will it take
To stir You up to chasten
The sordid and depraved!


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    Jan 4 2013: Good...just do it...whatever way you want to contribute...

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