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Is "run- away" growth ultimately bad for humanity?

In our modern world, growth is espoused as something good, as something to endeavor for a better quality of life. But how much growth can we sustain, how much growth can the planet sustain? Can we look at growth in different way, approach it from a different perspective. If so, how and what are the implications?


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    Jan 5 2013: Growth of what?
    Any growth will have its cost.
    If one group increases their income it is spend by another group.
    If a nation imports value for little it's stolen from the source that have less and less.
    If agriculture expands nature shrinks, jungles and forests disappear, land erodes, species get extinct.
    So growth can only be local at the expense of everything else.

    For example: If the Congolese peoples would get real value for their gold etc. and it was evenly distributed among them all then there was no growth but exchange of values. If governments of oil exporting countries spend on education and infra structure then there was no growth of capital but of peace and well being.

    Let’s aim for growth of happiness for all people and keep what is left of earth’s natural beauty.

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