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Is "run- away" growth ultimately bad for humanity?

In our modern world, growth is espoused as something good, as something to endeavor for a better quality of life. But how much growth can we sustain, how much growth can the planet sustain? Can we look at growth in different way, approach it from a different perspective. If so, how and what are the implications?


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  • Jan 5 2013: Our economic system is debt based with interest payments required on repayment of the debt. This means that growth is required to payback loans that are the events that creates money in the first place.
    Since no environment allows growth to continue forever, then the answer is probably yes, it is bad.
    All systems are cyclic with growth in the good times and die back in the bad times.
    It sucks to live in the bad times though.
    So as selfish humans we try really hard to prevent the bad times from hitting. This leads our unstable economic system to create bubbles with growth on steriods with a subsequent crash rather than a die back.
    It really sucks to live in a crash.

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