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Would religion exist if the first humans had our scientific knowledge?

I am steadfast in my opposition of religion.

I believe there is a beauty to mystery and living well. I believe religion unknowingly does its followers wrong. It tells them that all beauty you see is God's doing.

I believe God is the ultimate manifestation of not knowing the answers. He is the life-filled alternative to an "I don't know."

I believe religion functions as ethics, as philosophy, for those too weak to act good on their own fruition, and need some sort of motivation to be good: a ticket to heaven will do.

So, my question is this: do you believe that, if the first humans knew everything we know today -- about biology, chemistry, physics, economics, and so on -- would religion exist? If so, why? If not, would this be a good or bad thing?


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    Jan 6 2013: Yes, because scientific (objective) knowledge would not have prevented any subjectivity from ever arising. From a perspective of spirituality, no scientific evidence disproves the existence of God or a soul - simply because this evidence is purely objective.

    Curiosity about the subjective would of course still have been around, as it is today. Science and religion do not conflict for me personally.

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