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Would religion exist if the first humans had our scientific knowledge?

I am steadfast in my opposition of religion.

I believe there is a beauty to mystery and living well. I believe religion unknowingly does its followers wrong. It tells them that all beauty you see is God's doing.

I believe God is the ultimate manifestation of not knowing the answers. He is the life-filled alternative to an "I don't know."

I believe religion functions as ethics, as philosophy, for those too weak to act good on their own fruition, and need some sort of motivation to be good: a ticket to heaven will do.

So, my question is this: do you believe that, if the first humans knew everything we know today -- about biology, chemistry, physics, economics, and so on -- would religion exist? If so, why? If not, would this be a good or bad thing?


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  • Jan 5 2013: Given your caveat yes. Humans long for the transcendent. For me, the Cassini Mission was such an experience, but then I believe that religion trivializes the miracle of life. The problem with religion is that if you assume knowledge of ultimate truth then you have a justification for imposing your belief on others and human history is full of examples of what happens when large groups of people buy into tthis kind of fairy tale. But it does have benefits. It deepens our intelligence, and makes us think beyond the immediate. But, in order to buy into the theistic program you must believe in things that are not verifiable.and accept things that are obviously impossible and counter to the best interests of humankind. Religion was our first attempt at defining ourselves and the world we live in. But as we grew as a race of primates we began to question reality and we discovered that revelatory religious philosophies do not explain the world,, the universe, we live in. But religious institutions whose main interest is in maintaining their power base, manipulate their doctrine, dogma and commands to attain their goals regardless of the cost. Religion has played an important part in the moral, ethical, and intellectual growth of mankind. But we have changed. We are not children and we no longer check under the bed at night to make sure there are no monsters there. God is one of the two gods of christianity. The other is satan. Candy from god, a bribe, fear of damnation from the devil a threat. If we were talking politics you would reject out of hand such hypocritical manipulation. The Allies won the battles in WW2,but facism won the war. It's still here..

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