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Is the total eradication of mosquitoes a true solution?

Mosquitoes have a massive ecological role in nature. Especially as main food source for great number freshwater fish and birds.


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  • Jan 6 2013: "Is the total eradication of mosquitoes a true solution?"

    No, a natural populations in nature need to survive to prevent ecosystem collapse, however, as with all vermin, there are far more mosquitoes in cities then there would be on the same area of land if there was no city on it and mosquitoes don't really play an ecological role in cities, so decimating mosquitoes in cities is fine, as long as it doesn't affect mosquito populations in nature. Genetically making mosquitoes sterile endangers natural mosquito populations and is therefore a stupid idea.
    • Jan 15 2013: Good point John. Singapore can be called a nations state city. The control of mosquites in that city is excellent, and it all goes to the dilligence of the public health service and their citizens who follow stringently the laws laid down to keep control of this menace.
      May I also point out that during COLONIAL times, the scourge posited by mosquitoes was recognised and many containment programs were instituted to control them with very good effects.
      So good in fact, that the threat was down graded and Malaria was fast receding everywhere.
      Frome the mment many of these colonial states acheived self determination and government was handed over to indigenous people, these control measures were no longer considered neccessary and dispensed with. Usually under the guise of, "we can no longer afford them". No one ever pointed out that the previous colonial govts had the same income as the incoming indigenous govts.
      So from where I sit, the reason the humble mosquitoe has made such a huge come back, is simply short sighted ness and stupidity of such govts. I guess you could say, they've cut their noses off, to spite their faces., and don't elicite much sympathy from me for their situation.
      However, in all fairness, I must say the Australian Govt, (Federal AND State) are also very much guilty of similar crimes, especially in W.A. where we face the ever increasing threat of Ross River Virus spreading over larger and larger areas. It would appear our state Govt is not too conserned about the spread and the financial impact upon state coffers whilst carriers are imobilised with the disease for a lengthy period of recuperation. I am unaware of any control measures proposed or undertaken by our state Govt at this point in time.

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