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Is the total eradication of mosquitoes a true solution?

Mosquitoes have a massive ecological role in nature. Especially as main food source for great number freshwater fish and birds.


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  • Jan 5 2013: Yes, I am also worried about the massive ecological side effects that the extinction of a species will typically involve.
    If this mosquito that is responsible for so many deaths around the world were to become extinct our already rapidly growing human population would grow even faster than it already is, and this will have massive negative effects on our future generation's quality of life. Please don't mistake me when I say this, because I would not like anyone that I know to contract a fatal disease because they didn't apply enough deet. But the Earth does need to have a control mechanism on the rate of human population growth, otherwise it will be left to our politicians who will probably decide on something deeply unethical that resembles ethnic cleansing.
    Is the science community at least not already convinced that everything in nature works in balance with one another, and an extinction of any species would destabilize the whole ecosystem? For example, one of David Attenborough's documentaries focused on a fungus that spreads relative to the size of a population of ants in the Amazon Rain Forest. When the population of ants went up, the chances of the ants getting this fungus that killed them increased and so reduced their population until the chance of them getting the fungus went down.
    I think that we as humans should be humble enough to accept our place in this eco-system and be respectful enough to undergo hardship for the sake of a more stable, heathlier and happier Earth.

    Hadyn Parry, just because we can do it, doesn't mean we should.

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