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What about having TED KID?

TED is for" Idea Worth Spreading" so am wondering can we have TED KID (as already we have TED Women, TED India etc.) a virtual platform to captures ideas from kids.
I am not tellling that we adults ran out of ideas but I feel kids are less inhibitive in idea generation as they are not afraid of being wrong or being ridiculed. May be we can capture some real great ideas out of that.

Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

Though the sample size here is small & may not statistically presentative, but all who particiapted most of them appreciated the idea. So TED can think of having TED-Kid.
Thanks to all who put forwared their thoughts here.

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    Mar 30 2011: Brilliant. Sounds like a fantastic TEDx concept. Will start looking into it a bit more

    Edit: Having looked into it a bit further, there have been TEDxYouth events all over and there are more to come, but these all seem aimed at young adults. TED Kids still seems to be a new idea.
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    May 25 2011: To be honest & unbiased with my expression I have to say TED was nice to reopen this thread again predicting possible interest.
    So please come forward with your thoughts to enrich.
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    May 24 2011: I TED sters, as TED admin observed new interest on the above subject , they asked me whether I want to re-open the discussion , I answered affirmatively as last time may be as I could make the subject attractive enough didn't have enough response.

    Now looking forward for your thoughts on the subject , by which we can "Spread Idea" to TED itself hopefully :)
    So please come up with idea how we can make attactive TED KID to kids future of humankind.
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      Apr 2 2011: Thanks Christophe for the link , I checked it. It seems a one of organized event. What I am thinking of TED KIDs is a all time virtual platform where kids will love tome spontenously and put their idea anytime they want. In organized event the sponteniety may not be there in many cases , as many kids might come there as their parents wanted to.
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        Apr 2 2011: TEDxyouth events are organised worldwide. some are one-off events, some are regular.
        I'm trying to put one op organised by youth.

        Maybe the TED-ED idea is close?

        It's still in construction/exploration phase, so you might want to check on that?
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          Apr 2 2011: Christophe , I just checked . Part of the Vision statement says "TED is seeking the expertise of visionary educators, organizations and creative professionals to help guide, galvanize & ultimately lead this exciting new initiative". So it seems again for the adults to contribute and target is any learner which also includes kids. But its great TED is working to shape up eduction system for which main target group is kids.
          My idea is to have a platform where kids will come and contribute.
          The other point is even if it is for KIDs, name TED-ED will not suit for kids. It will again sound to kids something boring like their school , that's my feeling only though
  • Mar 30 2011: Great Idea ! But which format this TED KIDS will have that prevents kids from loosing their freshness ? Will be just a blog? (I guess from 6 up 12) But do kids from 6 up 12 use blog to express their imaginative world?
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      Mar 31 2011: Good question , which format ? I am not sure as well. Let's think over it. One thing I am sure about is that it has to have something for which KIDs will love to come there as they do with some cartoon or games sites. I mean the site has to have high stickiness that will make KIDs to LOVE to come spontaneously and put their ideas there...........
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      Mar 31 2011: Maria , another thought, the platform for kids should have flexibilty (that means can't restrict it only to blog or games etx), as different kids have different interest and forcing them to one format migh kill their spontaneity which may impact their instinct curiosity hence the goal of generating idea may fail.
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    Mar 29 2011: I think that would be a great idea, kids are imaginitive and sometimes see the world different to us, would be great to get them interested in the TED site as a whole too
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    Mar 29 2011: brilliant idea.... someone, anyone? this is a great idea... worth spreading
  • Mar 28 2011: Love this idea!