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Life is a game, I write to you as a fellow player...

Life is a game that comprises many other games: reality, society, culture, community, family, and so on. The prioritization of these games depends on the individual. The exception to the rule is that we all, by being born, by being human, have signed an agreement with reality; an agreement we may forget about in time, but are bound to; an agreement to keep ourselves alive. BUT, the 'board', per-say, of society's game -- the construct -- has gotten bigger than reality's board. More than half our planet's people live in cities, they say; a perfect example. And so, to -- now we're gettin' real deep with this metaphor -- make a move in the game of reality, let's say, find permanent shelter; you can't just go out into the woods and build a friggin' cabin, because that's illegal and in time you'll get yourself arrested. So in order to lock down permanent, secure shelter, you've got to do what? Pay for it, and to pay for it, you've got to get your hands on some money. Now you can either earn it or steal it; but either way it's the same move in the game of reality: find permanent shelter. If you want to make sure you're shelter is secure, you don't want the cops barging in your door and arresting you for thievery or extortion or whatever you'd have to do to steal money to buy permanent shelter. Instead you decide to get a job and you earn the money to pay for secure shelter. So what I mean when I say "the board" of society is bigger than the board of reality is that you can't just go out into the woods and sustain yourself. Eventually, people will find you and tell you to leave, and if you don't listen to those people, eventually they will come with guns and threaten you and you will have to leave -- all because human excess has diminished our capability to appreciate nature, and to use natural resources effectively and efficiently. We are on the wrong course.


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    Jan 20 2013: I think Pat has become one of my favourite agitators .The game you speak of,maybe the first error in your observation..what if it is an imprisioned collective,or a failed narrative,with a clever malignant editor....When you awake,does the sun,air,water,magnetism,photosynthesis,gravity,conspire against you..is there evidence that nature and solar system are awaiting your demise,in a game like fashion...or is it endlessly rendering forth for free resources and sunlight and unbeleivable natural beauty without an agenda. SO,now who is propegating the false divisioning of resouces? When in your life did you first hear,experience witness the game. The very first time...Did you yourself feel truth,or did you intuit a falsity...If so I suspect you were not able to articulate the fraud...this is your clue....now what..where did the event get its authority to operate and subject you to its will..this is your second clue...stay calm....this form of cohersion was invented along time ago...and emotional distress will eliminate your skills to understand objectionably to the insertion of false veneers...many are emotionally pained,and even "bad men" feel guilt...but it remains ineffective to what you request,a state of "knowing: a liberation from a pain that misinstructs you that in fact everyone is the cause...Remember your first clue...You are not the author of what is distressing you...and your goal is to sepperat yourself historically from what you are responsible for,and what you are not...Any time you lose,it,rightfully return to ground...but you could be a good source of truth if you thoughtfully review your postion...after ground what else is truth...your need for connection,not doable in the woods,player..be experience with a knowledge of mans best examples of experience...it is real and will sheild you as you study the numerous systems that harbour us...Love is not an illusion and for me it is the state of being I "Play" my best at...you have the tools to alter everyone
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      Jan 21 2013: We live in an ecosystem. There is no denying the interdependency of our world. The metals and minerals we build our toy world out of eventually can be traced back to mines. The oil that heats us and the clothes that clothe us are of this earth as well. Economics seems to be coming up a lot. Let's look at it again, this time in comparison with nutrient cycling in an ecosystem.

      We all know about the cyclical flow of the economy. We all know a big part of this recessions slow recovery can be attributed to people's baseline economic ignorance that 'my spending is your income' and vice-versa. So when people, like they have been, try and do something they believe to be in their best interest: save -- in times where the entire economic engine is crippled, the entire engine starts to slow down; and that's because collectively, we can't save. We need to give back.

      Now, lets look at ecosystems. It all starts with solar energy, which shines down on organisms called producers (plants) that make the nutrients they need from compounds and energy absorbed from their environment. Then, organisms called Primary Consumers (herbivores) feed off of these, where secondary consumers (carnivores) then feed off of them. There are also omnivores (like us) that eat both, and decomposers (like vultures and fungi) that feed off of waste and dead organisms, breaking things down into chemical nutrients that can again be used by producers.

      Again, this is common knowledge to a lot of people; but I don't think parallels are drawn enough. In the cyclical flow of the economy, nutrients can be equated to money. Nutrients are the currency that make things work. And when we -- like we have been for a long, long time now -- think to place ourselves outside of this ecosystem nutrient cycling loop, we pave the way for its complete dismantling; and when we do that, we pave the way for our own destruction.

      You cannot take without giving and expect it to go on forever. This dream is fast and distracting

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