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Life is a game, I write to you as a fellow player...

Life is a game that comprises many other games: reality, society, culture, community, family, and so on. The prioritization of these games depends on the individual. The exception to the rule is that we all, by being born, by being human, have signed an agreement with reality; an agreement we may forget about in time, but are bound to; an agreement to keep ourselves alive. BUT, the 'board', per-say, of society's game -- the construct -- has gotten bigger than reality's board. More than half our planet's people live in cities, they say; a perfect example. And so, to -- now we're gettin' real deep with this metaphor -- make a move in the game of reality, let's say, find permanent shelter; you can't just go out into the woods and build a friggin' cabin, because that's illegal and in time you'll get yourself arrested. So in order to lock down permanent, secure shelter, you've got to do what? Pay for it, and to pay for it, you've got to get your hands on some money. Now you can either earn it or steal it; but either way it's the same move in the game of reality: find permanent shelter. If you want to make sure you're shelter is secure, you don't want the cops barging in your door and arresting you for thievery or extortion or whatever you'd have to do to steal money to buy permanent shelter. Instead you decide to get a job and you earn the money to pay for secure shelter. So what I mean when I say "the board" of society is bigger than the board of reality is that you can't just go out into the woods and sustain yourself. Eventually, people will find you and tell you to leave, and if you don't listen to those people, eventually they will come with guns and threaten you and you will have to leave -- all because human excess has diminished our capability to appreciate nature, and to use natural resources effectively and efficiently. We are on the wrong course.


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  • Jan 4 2013: I agree with everything I understand in your offering, but I disagree with your implied condemnation of the race. You wouldn't define your son by his negative characteristics would you? So why are you so keen to condemn humanity because they didn't get it right the first time. We may all be doomed to being the wretched survivors of the colllapse of our global civilization....but maybe not. Forget all the buildings and monuments and institutions, forget all the culture and science; It's the ideas that will remain. All but two, religion and money. Wishful thinking? About money, yes but religion is dead if the balloon goes up unless jesus, or the last immam check in to watch the show. Humanity has faced greater obstacles than this turmoil amongst ourselves. Tragedy unifies humanity and a unified humanity is a mighty thing indeed.

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