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How much of a right do students have to questioning and independent thinking?

What is your opinion on how much students should be allowed to question? Do they have the right to question if they may see a logical fallacy? If so, how far are they allowed to question it? Why?

In addition: I understand teachers try to allow students to question, but sometimes are limited by the administration (and/or bureaucracy). Why is this?


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    Jan 26 2013: Well, as you have read and should understand by now, question everything! To many, this is too much. To truly question means you will have to dig, to go to more than one source. Read between the lines. I don't know what I don't know = people making statements on subjects they know nothing about: but I saw it on fox news, msnbc, tv, it was on the internet...Students need to make a habit of questioning, if you just accept what you hear/read you may not know the truth. The other has been answered, How the school rates in the state is all that matters. Some teachers will go out of their way, give you more then just what you need for the test. But it is also true that some questions of religion or abortion can't be answered

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