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How much of a right do students have to questioning and independent thinking?

What is your opinion on how much students should be allowed to question? Do they have the right to question if they may see a logical fallacy? If so, how far are they allowed to question it? Why?

In addition: I understand teachers try to allow students to question, but sometimes are limited by the administration (and/or bureaucracy). Why is this?


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    Jan 14 2013: As an educator, I believe students have all the right to question and to make logical conclusions. This type of thinking is how our country got out of tyranny and became independent from the British Empire. This type of thinking gave us the Bill of Rights, the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, and acts that were made law to help us in our quest for understanding. Students need to question everything so they can decide what is ethical and what is not. This is how they learn and become independent thinkers in this society.

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