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How much of a right do students have to questioning and independent thinking?

What is your opinion on how much students should be allowed to question? Do they have the right to question if they may see a logical fallacy? If so, how far are they allowed to question it? Why?

In addition: I understand teachers try to allow students to question, but sometimes are limited by the administration (and/or bureaucracy). Why is this?


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    Jan 13 2013: IMO Students have the right to question everything, teachers have the responsibility to answer everything about the subject and any related subjects being taught (to the best of their ability).

    There is no such thing as learning without questions and there is no thing above questioning. This is the root of all understanding, being able (or unable) to answer questions. Questions can teach the teacher as much as the student.

    So all things considered I consider it more of a responsibility (to yourself and for society) for a student to question.

    Great topic!

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