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How much of a right do students have to questioning and independent thinking?

What is your opinion on how much students should be allowed to question? Do they have the right to question if they may see a logical fallacy? If so, how far are they allowed to question it? Why?

In addition: I understand teachers try to allow students to question, but sometimes are limited by the administration (and/or bureaucracy). Why is this?


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    Jan 11 2013: As a school going teenager I'd like to put forth the idea that a student needs to prove themselves or earn the right to question.

    I realize it sounds a little conformist but children truly do take advantage of this so called right
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      Jan 11 2013: how?
    • Jan 12 2013: Joshua: I am not sure what you mean unless what you are pointing to are situations where students ask questions frivolously -- e.g., for reasons other than a desire to learn or make a sincere inquiry, or, for example, in my college classrooms, where part of their grade is tied to their participation in class discussions. I know the common wisdom is that "There are no stupid questions", but there have been times when I question a student's sincerity, or when a student asks questions out of an unwillingness to read thoroughly information I've already given them or look up information to which they have access. However, i have to say -- the problem that concerns me more than students "taking advantage" of their right to ask questions, is that too often, students DON'T ask questions they sincerely have -- for a variety of reasons -- even though they have a variety of mediums they can use to ask questions. Even shy students who are less comfortable speaking up in class don't use less intimidating channels like email or office hours to ask legitimate, sincere questions. This makes it incredibly difficult at times to gauge student understanding.

      Is this what you mean by "taking advantage"?

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