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How much of a right do students have to questioning and independent thinking?

What is your opinion on how much students should be allowed to question? Do they have the right to question if they may see a logical fallacy? If so, how far are they allowed to question it? Why?

In addition: I understand teachers try to allow students to question, but sometimes are limited by the administration (and/or bureaucracy). Why is this?


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  • Jan 9 2013: Very valid question. The replies stating curriculum restraints, is IMHO, a cop out, hidding behind the establishment, in an effort to avoid the question.
    In an honest learning environment, questions should be encouraged, not discouraged, and if there is a time constraint, then change the time frame to allow time for said questioning.
    Every speech I've ever conducted, I've always allowed time for questions, such questioning is evidance that listeners have listened to what you've said, digested it and come up with questions as a responce.
    Has it ever occured to posters here, that the anger young people display today, may in part be driven by the hypocrisy they see their parents and adults in their lives practicing one thing and preaching another to their kids, and when they ask questions they are put down or ignored ?
    You bet they have a right to ask questions, and if folks can't answer them, they need to find the asnwer themselves. NOT COP OUT.

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