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Is God energy?

Hi, I was raised a christian but now that i'm 16/17 i'm questioning that religion. I could never understand how a big guy with a huge white beard could be 'everywhere' at once. that got me thinking there's only one thing that is everywhere in the universe and that's energy. Energy is everywhere but cannot be created or destroyed also the first line of the bible is " In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." but science tells us it was a big bang filled with energy. the priests say that "God is inside all of us" he's not but energy is... The bible also says "And God said "Let there be light. and there was light" without energy light couldn't exist and God created light so surely that makes God energy? Just one more thing if you feel really ill and down you don't have that much energy, but when you feel better you have huge amounts of energy so Do you get ill when you've sinned? I'm not saying that is what i believe i'm just asking for your opinion on it. thanks! :)


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    Jan 3 2013: Hi Toby,
    I think you're getting God & Santa mixed up, Santa is the big guy with the beard,& he only claims to be at all the chimneys at once.
    The God of the bible claims three qualities. 1) He is infinitely powerful. 2) He has infinite knowledge. 3) He is everywhere at once. Infinite power is not subject to deterioration; however energy will eventually degenerate to cold mass. I agree that God provides the energy; however the difference between a dead rabbit & a live rabbit requires a special kind of energy. Be very careful regarding the Big Bang; it is the most popular theory at present, but may not be in 100 years. However, let's assume it's true, for the sake of argument. Is this bang more likely to produce our universe by A) By being left to it's own devices, or B) Being directed by a being of infinite knowledge.

    You are quite right to question your faith. We all want the truth. My search has been different to yours; I was raised agnostic & became a Christian at age 35. I asked similar questions to you however, I need to try & understand how things really work. I would encourage you to check out. http://www.answersingenesis.org/get-answers , & similar sites & read up on the subjects that interest you. There are two sides to every argument however & http://www.talkorigins.org/ will supply balancing arguments for the Athiest side. Happy hunting.

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      Jan 8 2013: Happy New Year Peter.

      I think Toby may be asking for a more specific and detailed explanation or description for a monotheistic non physical invisible god, what it is, how it works, who it meets some of these claimed high level unsubstantiated attributes of being everywhere, all powerful and all knowing. Perhaps trying to understand how this would work in reality.

      Probably a dead end given there is nothing much to test, and only vague or speculative descriptions of what spirit and the spiritual realm is, often extrapolated from ideas like mind and consciousness, which as far as we know are only found as a result of physical brains, neurons etc.
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        Jan 8 2013: Hi Obey,
        Not saved yet ? Hope you had a cool Christmas/Darwinmas whatever :)

        I am reminded of the two computers who were discussing how they came to be. There was nobody about, so the sun must have burnt circuits on silicon from a volcano & attached to some resistors etc etc. After a while they had it all worked out. Given billions of years & billions of universes it seemed perfectly possible. The service manual on the bench beside them must be wrong.
        We are like that with nature. Because it is so sophisticated & we see no God, we assume He does not exist, or some of us do. The computers had no concept of people, we have no concept of God. If you want to test God then you have to move in His direction.
        Hebrews 11:6 (NIV)
        And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.

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          Jan 8 2013: Had a great Christmas and New year holiday. Hope you did too. We are not as politically correct in Australia as say the US with their happy holidays. No problem with different culture and religious traditions unless they are harmful..

          Different issue if in a discussion about whether gods exist and what are they.

          Actually I don't assume no gods or goddesses. I just don't have enough evidence to believe in any of them. I am open to compelling new information.

          But I admit my bias that I don't assume the had of any god in natural processes as a working hypothesis, but again open to evidence.

          Even thinking deeply about what an atom it, a boson, what is light - a particle or wave or something a bit of both. what is energy, how does gravity work, what does it mean to bend space and how does mass do it. What is outside our expanding universe, it does my poor monkey brain in. I give I have an intuitive working model based on how I interpret the science, but it is only a shadow of reality.

          So at the scale I can understand more easily, based on a reasonable understanding of DNA, natural selection and the tree of life around us, evolution is compelling. Still find even a single cell amazing. The origin of life a question.

          Likewise the basic scientific explanation for the big bang to what we have now makes sense to me also.

          For me I guess gods come from our evolved drive to assign agency to stuff, hallucinations, social programming, our hope for life after death etc.

          If there is some creator deity I find it at least as reasonable to assume it is perfectly happy to let us muddle through life, do the best we can, and is not going to punish us according to any particular apparently man made religious traditions.

          I find appealing to scripture, revelation, preachers and prophets not very satisfying without good cause. Why don't you believe in the Koran? I've heard Muslim scholars rip apart the resurrection story and make a case for the reliability of the Koran vs bible.
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        Jan 9 2013: Hi Obey,
        I'm afraid I don't have compelling new evidence to give. I know how difficult it is to get engineering solutions to work. Never once has a beam fabricated itself, or a weld spontaneously occurred. I am in awe at the complexity of the world around me, from the nano of the cell to the mega of the universe. The possibility that a Heath Robinson system like evolution could achieve such a thing is a non-starter.
        I fully understand the need to come up with a material solution, & wish you all the best with it. As for me & my family, we shall serve The Lord. Time will tell which of us got it right.


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