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Is God energy?

Hi, I was raised a christian but now that i'm 16/17 i'm questioning that religion. I could never understand how a big guy with a huge white beard could be 'everywhere' at once. that got me thinking there's only one thing that is everywhere in the universe and that's energy. Energy is everywhere but cannot be created or destroyed also the first line of the bible is " In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." but science tells us it was a big bang filled with energy. the priests say that "God is inside all of us" he's not but energy is... The bible also says "And God said "Let there be light. and there was light" without energy light couldn't exist and God created light so surely that makes God energy? Just one more thing if you feel really ill and down you don't have that much energy, but when you feel better you have huge amounts of energy so Do you get ill when you've sinned? I'm not saying that is what i believe i'm just asking for your opinion on it. thanks! :)


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  • Jan 2 2013: Keep searching.
    Keep looking for yourself and concluding for yourself what you find, think, believe or in how you change from those.
    Don't let anyone tell you what something is: To thine own self, be true. Find out for yourself.
    There's a line, "God as you understand God." Or,maybe some scientific version of that same idea.
    Perhaps, energy as you understand energy. I say, "as you understand" for two reasons.
    "As you understand" is actually an ongoing process and in that process your understanding grows and changes.
    Two, I believe one should come to understand what they believe in, and thus come to know it, because I do believe most people don't really trust what they say they believe in. But when we have come to know something, we trust it. At that point it is no longer a matter of faith, it's knowing and faith is false at some point. Here, I find many switch over to hope and to me, hope is a completely false concept, but, perhaps the most commonly held concept in the world.

    You have many years ahead of you to learn, find, discover, experience, believe, not believe and so on.
    Science and religion have not revealed, proven or shown the answer to humankind.
    So, they don't know, but there are wise people in both camps and there is truth in both camps as well as false ideas and places where huge, gigantic leaps of faith are asked of each of their followers and believers.

    Five years ago, I stopped believing in God. I met someone, became friends and one day he asked me if I knew what God was. Well, I knew what I believed and felt comfortable with it. I could defend it if necessary, and was ready to tell him, but thought, "you don't need to do that. It's just your ego, so why not just listen?" So, I did. When he told me I immediately knew what he meant. And it made perfect sense. I told him so. He next told me never to tell another human being what he had just told me and I have kept that promise.

    Keep searching.

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