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A system of death tax and public schools: Good or Bad?

What is your opinion of a country wide system where there is no private schools and public schools are funded not only by the normal revenues but also by a substantial death tax. (Boarding facilities will be made available for students whose parents are deceased)

The idea is that a lot of people are stuck in poverty and cannot escape it due to a lack of education.

I am not sure if this is a good idea, what are the flaws and why will it not work?

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    Jan 2 2013: The term "death tax" is such a cruel and divisive word. It really has no place in educated or civilized society.

    It is an estate tax. It is a tax on the assets that remain AFTER death. It is not a tax on the process of dying.

    Most people's estates aren't eligible for federal estate taxes. I think that the exemption is now around 5 or 6 million dollars. State estate taxes vary from state to state. No state has a death tax.

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