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Do you think Facebook is a fad?

In our short relationship with the Internet and the companies that have come and gone or indeed been popular for a year or 2 before fading into the background, what will the next step be. I think facebook is great, but i see rivals lining up in the wings hoping that their latest offering is going to be the 'bees knees' Or have facebook cracked the mould with their business model and will they be around for the next 20 or so years! We hear lots of moaning about how facebook has changed and many think not for the better.

  • Jan 9 2013: Facebook will be around, but it is now becoming a site that may end up reversing career tracks. Facebook serves as an amalgamation of your life from good points, bad points, parties, and other things with revolving security protocols poorly circulated.

    If states are making laws against and for certain rights of employers in regards to social media accounts, specifically Facebook, it seems like a safer bet to either abstain from Facebook or become more aware of the amount of information it contains.

    Yes, it is a fad that will hit highs and lows, but I do think it will be around in some form for longer than we expect. I can see Facebook rebranding itself in the next 5 years to keep up with the next social technology breakthrough.
  • Jan 4 2013: So, 'a fad' 'a joke' and 'a total wate of time'.
    Not quite what i think, at the very least they are the benchmark for future social media.
    I would really like to know if there is a comparable site out there! I mean, sure there are lots of good sites and some sites like youtube that is being ruined by google innovation in my opinion.
    Doe anyone have news of an up and coming website that stands out in your opinion?
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    Jan 2 2013: It depends of the management of the company. There is a wisdom for remaining relevant.
    As long as they keep it, they will sustain the success.
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    Jan 2 2013: I think everythings a fad in the grand scheme of things..

    Anyway, I think facebook will eventually cease to exist, mainly when people realize that they've used the site 14 hours a day for 7 years in a row and that at no point has anything of value ever been said, ha ha.
    • Jan 2 2013: Facebook will eventually lose its near-monopoly position, but social media will not go away, though they may be superseded by something else in the far future.