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Do you think Facebook is a fad?

In our short relationship with the Internet and the companies that have come and gone or indeed been popular for a year or 2 before fading into the background, what will the next step be. I think facebook is great, but i see rivals lining up in the wings hoping that their latest offering is going to be the 'bees knees' Or have facebook cracked the mould with their business model and will they be around for the next 20 or so years! We hear lots of moaning about how facebook has changed and many think not for the better.


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  • Jan 4 2013: So, 'a fad' 'a joke' and 'a total wate of time'.
    Not quite what i think, at the very least they are the benchmark for future social media.
    I would really like to know if there is a comparable site out there! I mean, sure there are lots of good sites and some sites like youtube that is being ruined by google innovation in my opinion.
    Doe anyone have news of an up and coming website that stands out in your opinion?

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