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How many times do you have to forgive your spouse?

Being in a relationship is great when there is understanding and mutual interest, But it hurts so bad to be cheated on doesnt it? its hard for some let go of someone they deeply love no matter how many times they cheat..i am wondering does it feel right to forgive some one who cheats and makes excuse everytime?


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    Jan 3 2013: These are different times, in which finding a suitable partner is a lot easier when one puts the time in it --there's decent matching services and lots of activities and online ways to interact with hundreds of people way beyond your immediate enviroment, plenty of articles and advice about how to put oneself out there and about personal improvement, etc. In many countries there's also plenty of assistance and counseling for divorced parents. The old idea of sticking to a relationship far and beyond reason because it may be the only good chance for relationship-related happiness is quite outdated.

    People should definitely move on and start meeting new people when the relationship's "contract" is broken. Being single is neither a stigma nor incompatible with happiness, and that's a better state than a life of suspicions and lack of trust.

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