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How many times do you have to forgive your spouse?

Being in a relationship is great when there is understanding and mutual interest, But it hurts so bad to be cheated on doesnt it? its hard for some let go of someone they deeply love no matter how many times they cheat..i am wondering does it feel right to forgive some one who cheats and makes excuse everytime?


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    Jan 2 2013: My position on the subject is this:

    If they cheat on you once then you are the victim
    If they cheat on you twice, then you are the enabler.

    There are too many factors involved to tell you whether its a good idea or not to take someone back who's been disloyal, but what you should do is really reassess your life with that person.
    You should take it as an opportunity that you've seen what your partner is capable of (and thus physically able to do it again) and really think if you're actually happy with them, whether you believe they will ever change and whether they spend more time hurting you rather than making you happy. (and given the subject matter, you already know that answer).
    • Jan 3 2013: I cant agree more,
      A friend of mine told me her man cheated and was "Honest" telling her the "truth", well forgiveness isnt easy for many of us but she did it anyway, Same thing happend in "two" month of her forgiveness and she "Forgave" him..i wondered how it worked for her and HIM too..Then she was very stressed out And lost her mind when he actually spent a night with out telling her where..
      Can you magine?
      Thank you for sharing with me, am sure she will learn from it

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