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How would the NTSB tackle the gun violence problem?

We know there’s a tool for each job:
> A hammer is used to drive a nail; a screwdriver turns a screw.
> Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are sensitive to different materials.
> Cancer treatments vary according to various factors, including the kind of cancer, patient etc..
Disappointment results when the wrong tool is utilized.

Regarding mass shootings, politicians tell the public: “We can stop these. We need to change!”
There’s no doubt that we want to eliminate these tragic events.
But who is “We” that knows how to stop them? What tools are needed?
And who is “We” that needs to change? What kind of change?
Who knows how to connect the dots?

Mr. Joe Biden has been assigned to investigate these matters to make us safer.
Would his staff benefit from the NTSB?

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigates certain accidents with the intention of making our travels safe. “The Board's most important product is the safety recommendation. The NTSB has issued about 13,000 safety recommendations in its history, the vast majority of which have been adopted in whole or in part by the entities to which they were directed.”

We see many benefits of the effective “tools” they have produced.

How would the NTSB tackle the problems seen with gun violence and control?

  • Jan 3 2013: Agreed, many of us have fear.
    Agreed, many of us are violent against our fellow man, sometimes using a gun.
    And there are probably more factors involved in mass gun violence.

    Joe Biden is heading a group assigned to prepare a report of ideas to reduce gun violence.
    Is that correct?

    I'm not saying the NTSB will solve these problems.

    What I'm saying is this:
    The NTSB seems to have a good track record of investigating events and identifying the factors.
    They seem to be realistic when making recommendations for improvement.
    And so we have safer travel these days.

    There are countless ways to analyze problems.
    I'm suggesting that the NTSB could provide some guidance in this area.
  • Jan 12 2013: I think bringing the NTSB into this would be a great idea. As far back as I can recall they have never followed an emotional or political thought process. Everything the produce is factual and and follows the rules of logic and common sense. Two things need to be discovered before anything productive can be done.

    1. What causes gun violence?
    2. What steps would have mitigated the cause?

    I submit as long as emotion and politics drive the investigation, nothing worthwhile will come from it.
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    Jan 2 2013: NTSB is not a solution because the problem of gun violence is a CONSEQUENCE of a society that lives in fear.
  • Jan 2 2013: A good idea,but violence and murder are violence and murder. Why the "gun" used as a modifier? No guns, no guns,Lots of guns,lots of guns,and no guns - Britain,Australia,Germany,the U.S.,and Mexico,respectively. I don't know about the murder rates in the first three and France when compared - except they are low. Also, the realization that a murder has happened is probably better if there is a bang.