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What can governments do to end poverty in their countries? Is a solution possible under capitalism?

Hello, I come from Argentina, and in my country, poverty is an issue we still can't eradicate, even though extreme poverty has been around for many decades now.

What still baffles me is the fact that although the Government gives away money to those with reduced incomes, poverty is as bad as always. Poor people can now (at least) fulfill their basic needs, but they have now become dependant on the Govt to give them the necessary resources for life (and politicians do not care about this, since this way they can keep on "buying" their votes with cash). They don't have jobs (and some do not even bother to find one) and most still live in slums under really poor conditions. So, it's obvious this solution is only benefitial in the short run... eventually the Government is going to run out of money and we'll still have the same number of people in the streets.

Moreover, I read yesterday how India is going to start doing the same thing, but I guess that probably won't go anywhere either.

Now, what do you think is the solution to stop this vicious circle of poverty? What is your Government doing about it?

Bear in mind that Latin America has just extreme poverty levels (not as much as Africa), but still much more than the First World countries. At least in my country there is a surprisingly high number of slums (check some photos in wikipedia: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa_miseria )

In my opinion, emphasis should be made on giving labour to these people outside-the-system. But for that, we need to offer public AND quality education. Yet I'm conscious that a malnourished child is not going to be able to be properly educated, is he?. So what can we do to ensure that child will have a better future? It's difficult to come up with a solution, but we're in the 21st Century now, it's about time we stopped poverty.


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    Jan 28 2013: of course governments cannot end poverty - they would have done it by now.

    People want to improve their lives, they want to work and grow their income for themselves and their kids. Let them work. that's how poverty is solved. Not by giving them handouts and making them dependent.

    Are we seriously having this debate still?
    • Jan 29 2013: Jordan,
      Poverty is the result of Government's ability to fool the people.

      The leadership of the 2 parties are not generally known.
      There is always an ex-president or two, when popular,
      wears the party's mantle of leadership.
      But that is not the case at all.

      Ask yourself, who runs your favorite Political Party? See what I mean?
      Ask 10 people on any street in America the same question. See what I mean?

      The media is paid Big Bucks by each Political Party to sell Candidates taken
      from a preselected pool. Political Advertisers gone berserk have a field day
      with unlimited funds to spend. From whom, who really knows?

      2 parties, 2 choices, and the Parties do not care which wins this time.
      Their only competition is from that little soap-box in the park.

      All governments are evil.
      When people awaken, like the German gypsies and jews did 80 years ago,
      it is too damned late. It could be now. Get used to being impoverished.
      Or, straighten out your government.
      But unless someone can figure out how, it is probably too late.

      If poverty could be solved under Capitalism, would it not have been done by now?????
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        Feb 1 2013: democracy was suppose to end evil governments. But greed is a hard addiction to get rid. If only the founding fathers could come back and do some b!tch slapping


        watch the whole video Lincoln comes in and kills it
        • Feb 1 2013: Casey,
          That was a great link to a fine youtube video. Thank you.
          It did explain with comedy how bad the situation is politically.
          There are no good choices of people available to run our nation.
          We have the Kats and Jammer Kids running things in WashingtonDC.

          Capitalism causes Poverty, then like a Janitor it has to clean up the mess.

          Since the 1930's,
          The population of the earth, humans and animals have experienced
          - nuclear fall-out - from more than 11,000 Government tests.underground,
          underwater, and in the atmospheres over heavily populated areas throughout
          the world.

          With a complete disregard to the safety of humans and animals.
          This is our Government in action...
          And not only our Government, but World-Wide.

          Since the 1940's, thousands of western Washington and Nevada nucular tests
          caused immediate contamination of dairy cattle and wee children's milk.
          Neighboring states got it first, and then forever spread world-wide by winds.
          Forever is the half-life of Radioactive Death...

          Utah's elders living down-wind of the tests, first developed cancers, then died.
          Horrible deaths, after much late life suffering.

          Some of the test were beneficial to the eye-balls. They gave us Nuke Plants to
          produce cheap Electricity, and a great pile of Radioactive Wastes. Duuuuh !!!

          Another fine example of Government in Action.

          NO study has been done on the effects on brain activity of world-wide populations.
          But, if government Leaders are any indication, then those nuclear tests have
          created a world of crazies.

          Nuclear Testing continues today, World-Wide non-stop.
          Inside of 150 years we will be a Burnt Up - Toasted bunch of thirsty crazies.
          Governments cause Poverty.
          They all want the best for themselves, and somebody has to pay for it.
          That is you and me. Just another 6 Billion crazies.

          Hahahaha. Now where did I leave my strait-jacket.???

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