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What can governments do to end poverty in their countries? Is a solution possible under capitalism?

Hello, I come from Argentina, and in my country, poverty is an issue we still can't eradicate, even though extreme poverty has been around for many decades now.

What still baffles me is the fact that although the Government gives away money to those with reduced incomes, poverty is as bad as always. Poor people can now (at least) fulfill their basic needs, but they have now become dependant on the Govt to give them the necessary resources for life (and politicians do not care about this, since this way they can keep on "buying" their votes with cash). They don't have jobs (and some do not even bother to find one) and most still live in slums under really poor conditions. So, it's obvious this solution is only benefitial in the short run... eventually the Government is going to run out of money and we'll still have the same number of people in the streets.

Moreover, I read yesterday how India is going to start doing the same thing, but I guess that probably won't go anywhere either.

Now, what do you think is the solution to stop this vicious circle of poverty? What is your Government doing about it?

Bear in mind that Latin America has just extreme poverty levels (not as much as Africa), but still much more than the First World countries. At least in my country there is a surprisingly high number of slums (check some photos in wikipedia: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa_miseria )

In my opinion, emphasis should be made on giving labour to these people outside-the-system. But for that, we need to offer public AND quality education. Yet I'm conscious that a malnourished child is not going to be able to be properly educated, is he?. So what can we do to ensure that child will have a better future? It's difficult to come up with a solution, but we're in the 21st Century now, it's about time we stopped poverty.


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  • Jan 26 2013: Is a solution possible under capitalism? NO

    Poverty is the result of Capitalistic Society after about 237 years.
    Poverty is the loss of Capitalistic employment, when there are no jobs.
    Poverty is joining the Food Stamp crowd, and shopping where you won't meet someone you know.
    Poverty is living in the Park during the day, and in the bushes at night.
    Poverty is waking in the wrong bed, wanting to go home, and not having a home to go to.
    Poverty is being the same today, as yesterday, and tomorrow.
    I read yesterday the Supreme Court had found that President Obama (a claimed constitutional scholar)
    was wrong in his edict concerning a matter that I have forgotten. (Dang it, I'm getting old.)
    Because of said Presidential edict, some 300 prior lower court decisions may have to be reversed.

    Perhaps the Supreme Court's calendar was lagging until the election was passed. You never know.
    Things that show Capitalism at it's worst ---
    Never Ending Wars on other nation's shores.
    Black Budgets that pay for secret Killings on other nation's shores.
    Never ending Secrets that hide Torture on other nation's shores.
    Lobbies that bribe.
    Politicians and their appointees that take said bribes.
    Limited Liability Laws for Elected Officials and Corporate Executives.
    Worldwide Commerce by Intimidation.
    A Lost War on Drugs. (aka: Cartels that bribe/kill)
    State Dept/CIA private contractor mercenaries.
    Lost Constitutional Freedoms, (aka: the Privacy Act & Homeland Security)
    X-rays at the Airports, (aka: revenge for those Never Ending Wars)

    I tire of the mess.
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      Jan 28 2013: Then lets change it. It only take one man to change the world. What happens when their is many?
      • Jan 29 2013: Ok Casey, you've come to bat.
        Now the job is before you.
        What is your first move to be?

        You can be the leader or a follower.
        It is all up to you.

        But please start.
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      Jan 29 2013: I never saw a better expose of what is wrong with a capitalistic society. Capitalism would work fine if people were honest and respectful and caring of their brother/sister humans. When success and money and statusr and control become the pantheon of gods instead of love, this is what you get., a greedy, lazy , immoral society. I cannot imagine why a man would need to be a billionaire except that he use his money to help his fellowman and that is only if he made his fortune honestly and not from "stepping on other other peoples' backs." Here in America we have animals running our government and banks. Can't they see what is happening and why do they do or allow this ?
      • Jan 29 2013: Helen, Thank you.

        As I write, I become almost robotic with words flowing out.
        I read Dean Koontz, and enjoy his style of novels.
        He often explains far better than I, why the world is so twisted.

        A Capitalistic Society such as ours has too many Politicians taking
        liberties with what they think are their Constitutional Authorities.

        Poverty is never extinguished by government. Economic consequences
        of government moves are expected to be absorbed by people.

        The problem our nation faces is the absence of nation-wide Two-Way
        communication available to anyone with a different view than that held
        by our government.

        A soap-box in the park is all that is left.

        Recent loss of analog TV, and much of AM Radio, leave Cable TV alone
        to convey news releases from government.

        Print Newspapers fold*, under the 2 parties advertising budget pressures.
        The recently deceased scion of the NYTimes may turn in his grave.

        The Internet appears to be a salvation of sorts.
        History --
        During the Inquisition and Dark Ages, "discovery" was brutally extinguished.
        It held scientific discovery back 2 hundred years.

        Today --
        The US government is quietly moving to curtail search engines, along with
        the help of 5 or 6 European governments. An effort to control internet sharing
        of Intellectual Properties, Rights and Patents. The Courts are not yet fully on board,
        but it appears they soon will be.

        Powers recently held by Religion and Government have passed to
        World-wide Banks and Corporations. Our Military is kept busy making
        non-stop Wars, and is quieted by budget controls, for now, Provided we
        heed Ike's warning.

        Police are a bit more than just well-armed. They are plain scary.

        * I kind of liked the pun, although accidental. lol

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