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What can governments do to end poverty in their countries? Is a solution possible under capitalism?

Hello, I come from Argentina, and in my country, poverty is an issue we still can't eradicate, even though extreme poverty has been around for many decades now.

What still baffles me is the fact that although the Government gives away money to those with reduced incomes, poverty is as bad as always. Poor people can now (at least) fulfill their basic needs, but they have now become dependant on the Govt to give them the necessary resources for life (and politicians do not care about this, since this way they can keep on "buying" their votes with cash). They don't have jobs (and some do not even bother to find one) and most still live in slums under really poor conditions. So, it's obvious this solution is only benefitial in the short run... eventually the Government is going to run out of money and we'll still have the same number of people in the streets.

Moreover, I read yesterday how India is going to start doing the same thing, but I guess that probably won't go anywhere either.

Now, what do you think is the solution to stop this vicious circle of poverty? What is your Government doing about it?

Bear in mind that Latin America has just extreme poverty levels (not as much as Africa), but still much more than the First World countries. At least in my country there is a surprisingly high number of slums (check some photos in wikipedia: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa_miseria )

In my opinion, emphasis should be made on giving labour to these people outside-the-system. But for that, we need to offer public AND quality education. Yet I'm conscious that a malnourished child is not going to be able to be properly educated, is he?. So what can we do to ensure that child will have a better future? It's difficult to come up with a solution, but we're in the 21st Century now, it's about time we stopped poverty.


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    • Jan 9 2013: John have you looked at the technocracy inc proposals for abolishing the price system and allowing everyone to benefit from all the technology.
      Capitalism can never work, for the most part it encourages bad behaviour and as much as Gvts try you can't legislate for everything.
      How we go about a life worth living and the values that entails is something that isn't looked at or discussed in the mainstream media, it's more or less a corporate mouth piece, convincing us that the status quo is the only way.
      A lot of really bad things happen because somebody is making money, war, hunger, pollution, deforestation, poaching to extinction etc. and yet a lot of good things are done for nothing, volunteering being a prime example.
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        • Jan 11 2013: That is what they like us to think. I still have faith in mankind, we can do a lot better than this. More collective thinking required and networking.
          I can't see us having World War 3, unlike in the 1930's this type of economy might finally tank. Things may need to get a lot worse before we see a tipping point. A third of Greeks are now unemployed along with a fifth of Spanish so more people have nothing to lose by advocating a complete change of direction.
      • Jan 15 2013: Looks like we will be planting Victory Gardens again.
        Only this time it will be due to poor government.

        SuperMarket prices are soaring.
        We retirees on fixed incomes see just how bad it really is.

        The Fed lies and postures. But anyone with a lick of sense
        can smell foul weather ahead.

        Voters have been short-changed again. But they may not
        slide this time. There could be so very hard times ahead.
        Maybe that is why the gun-dealers shelves are getting bare.

        Obama today, made comments about people being afraid
        the government would take their guns away. But listening
        closely, I never heard him say that the government wouldn't.

        If he had been in a pie field, he wouldn't have stepped on any.
    • Jan 10 2013: Thanks for the reply John!

      I know I'm not being totally fair. I'm like "People tell me your ideas... and I'll find their weak points", while I don't come up with an idea myself. So I do appreciate your effort in this :)

      "Everyone on our planet is predominately affected by the activities in other countries." - Spot on. Globalisation has it weaknesses too.

      I didn't know about Boone Pickens to be honest. I should definitely watch his TED talk in the future. It's good to know that a millionaire is also worried about the future of our planet.

      Oh, do you have the websites of these people who have achieved something similar in their towns? It would be interesting to know how they managed that.

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