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How can ' terrorism' be effectively checked if the developed world has double standards in itself?

The very definition of terrorism needs to be understood as one person's defense can be an offense for other person likewise the terrorism.


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  • Jan 3 2013: What if a state has created an outfit of terrorists and propagating to curb it at the same time.Is not it double standards?please think.
    • Jan 3 2013: Do you ever spell your argument? What state? You are asking people to think based on a statement of vague seudo-facts.
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        • Jan 5 2013: I can understand your comment and this exactly is the problem with such topics.If you live in the so called developed world,then your reaction is normal as you are given such a sugar coated pill of news the whole day long that you are brain washed and gradually tend to have the same belief which your media wants you to believe.There is a lot of the vast world which is suffering at the hands of single policeman of the world today being it the so called "unipolar world"she feeds both the perpetrator of terrorism and also support the counter- terrorism as a face saving in the so called comity of nations.Who was in veitnam,who attacked its own progeny in Iraq,who took revenge from Qaddafi.
          Yet you say pseudo.I pity your state of mind.
      • Jan 5 2013: please read my reply to Mark Meijer
        • Jan 5 2013: You assume too much, you also over generalize and simplifly, maybe that is why you reason that way. I grew up in the under developed world and had my fair share of exposure to third world problems. Unlike you I tend to place blame of the world's problems on multiple countries and factors, not on a single country. I make it a point to get my information from as many sources as possible from the most liberal to the most conservative to make up my mind, so don't accuse me of being brainwashed when you seem to repeat the same one sided argument.

          And yes I misspelled pseudo so psue me...
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      Jan 5 2013: You mean like the creation of the Taliban by the Pakistani CIA(with the aid of US CIA) which you can confirm by research if you doubt me? Of course it is a double standard to fight a war on terror by use of terror.

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