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How can ' terrorism' be effectively checked if the developed world has double standards in itself?

The very definition of terrorism needs to be understood as one person's defense can be an offense for other person likewise the terrorism.


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  • Jan 2 2013: Good point. We can only lead by example,but no one is perfect.
    • Jan 3 2013: who shall take a lead to go by example.Certainly,the perpetrators and not the victims.Why do we feel shy of calling a spade a spade especially when the world very well understands who they are.Why don't we give peace a chance in our world?Why living on hegemonic ideas.Why there is arm twisting by some against some.Please think and develop consensus for peace.
      • Jan 3 2013: John is right it is about the target, the intention and the state affiliation. You are attempting to compare apples to oranges because you only look at the outcome rather than other factors. You also talk about calling a spade a spade but do not mention who 'they' are, live by your word and peel off the mystery. Who is doing the arm twisting?

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