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What changes would you like to see in 2013 and how would these changes be brought about?

It's a new year and everyone is filled with hope and optimistic views. With that in mind, what changes would you like to see in 2013 and how would these changes occur?

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    W. Ying

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    Jan 2 2013: Some people recognize INVALID happiness.
    Some people quit it.
  • Jan 1 2013: 1. Media coverage of folks doing high quality, innovative, and charitable work
    2. Regulate political process to change in emphasis from bi-partisan politics to a focus on needs of the people.
    3. Strengthening of transportation, education, and existing public services and assets
    4. Change in focus from political victims to natural disaster victims
    5. Tightened control over speculative investment practices with retirement accounts, implementing severe tax penalties on high risk
    6. Use of retired public facilities (bases) and assets (ships) as temporary shelters for indigent people.
    7. Increased tax credits for volunteer public service
    8. Increase the number of medical professionals.
    9. Reduce our dependency on foreign high tech goods and services by incentivizing manufacturing businesses. Foster development of design and manufacturing engineering skill sets.
    10. Subsidize efforts that lead to increased public self-reliance in the areas of health care, elder care, child care, and disaster relief.

    I 'll save the rest for 2014...:)
    • Jan 6 2013: Haha wow that is a very long list of goals.
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    Jan 1 2013: "new Year" doesn't fill me with hope and optimistic views. I'm pretty hopeful and optimistic all year long, and the changing of a day doesn't affect that much.

    It's a great question. But you know, it seems a bit artificial to even say "what changes in 2013," at least for me, because I don't put such a timetable on change. The things I believe in I keep sharing with people and steadily promoting, if they change great, if they change in 2014, or 2024, or never change, I can live with it. I enjoy the path I follow and changing anyone else is a bonus.

    Probably you don't want political answers because those are controversial? Actually, I tend to think the human race keeps advancing, so I don't even have to wish for change. For instance, I don't even have to want peace, because the human race wants peace and keeps studying how to achieve it, every year for example we get better at negotiating, building bridges between people. Saying I want it feels kind of critical, like saying people aren't working hard enough on it already. But they are working on it, the better world keeps coming.
    • Jan 6 2013: That is an interesting philosophy. However, is there anything that you personally want to change?
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        Jan 6 2013: Sorry to be so "tricky," Anonymous. I just don't think in terms of generalizations about what I want to change. For instance, I could say I'd like to see a year where less graffiti goes up on the walls of the world. But what does it really help for me to say that? What I know is that I'll do my best to make sure less graffiti goes up. I'll refrain from tagging myself, if I see someone tagging I'll ask them to stop or call the cops, if I see graffiti I'll ask my city to come paint it over. But does this mean at the end of the year there will be less graffiti total on the walls of the world? Not necessarily. There might be the same amount. There might be more. All I know is that in my little sphere I'll have reduced the amount of graffiti.

        Secondly, what if I say I'd like to see less graffiti, and then I'm never faced with a need to fight it, I never encounter anyone tagging, or any graffiti that needs to be painted over. Wouldn't I feel a little silly for having wished for change, when as it turned out the problem never appeared in the first place?

        It could be the same with a fat person. They could wish to lose weight, but then in the next moment they are killed, like a comet hits them. So what did it benefit them to resolve to lose weight, when they never got a chance to try to achieve their resolution?

        Thirdly, I might suddenly decide I love graffiti, and stop fighting it. Then I'd feel a little silly for having wished for change also, no?

        Maybe it's about living in the present, and when you "wish" for something, you give up living in the present, you start living in the imaginary future.

        Again, sorry to be so "tricky."
  • Jan 1 2013: Peace on Earth and good will to men.