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Heart rate tracking bracelets connected

As far as I know bracelets that track heart rate and other body symptoms exist that can send the data to doctors wirelessly, and alarm them in emergency situations, eg. cardiac arrest.
However, the infrastructure of hospitals that offer this service often doesnt exist. What if different bracelets would be connected wirelessly, so that relatives see the health status of each other, are alarmed in emergency and call a doctor.
In case of cardiac arrest people are found often too late. In this cases some minutes can me the difference between life and death. These bracelets would make it possible to fastly alarm the hospital, get help; without a big infrastructure needed.


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    Jan 2 2013: Thats a great idea. Even the basic holter monitors often do not caputure irregular conditions as they are usually put on for a few hours or days. A continuous monitoring device can be made that sends a signal to thier mobile phones to dial emergency immediately in the event of serious heart condition. Or even a subcription devise with mobile link like the ones installed in cars like OnStar etc will do the job. You wont need a family network or a hospital admin infrastructure for this.

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