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We should measure stupidity instead of intelligence

This is meant half seriously, and I hope we can have some fun with this. Also, I am interested in your more serious ideas about attempts by educators and psychologists to measure intelligence.

I think that our measuring scale is reversed because intelligence is limited, whereas stupidity is effectively infinite. Someone always manages to do something even more stupid. People can act more stupidly than rocks, because rocks never hurt themselves, and rocks never attempt to defy natural law.

IMHO, our attempts to measure intelligence to date have been laughably inadequate. I now believe that the notion of trying to measure intelligence is probably futile. It seems that the main lesson of recent research is that we now have a much better understanding of how little we know about intelligence.

What are your ideas about intelligence, and measuring intelligence/stupidity.


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    Jan 3 2013: Naw .... Continue to measue Intelligence ... when given two or more groups always go with the smallest.

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