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What is your new year's purpose to get the world in a better shape?

In this world at this moment of history there's a lot of troubles coming out in economics, ecology, politics and everything really. Everybody in his personal life can do something and even if it is little, it's still a lot. WHAT WILL YOU DO? What do you plan for this year? Maybe is it the time to get in action? Or just continuing what you are already doing?

Happy new year TEDsters!


Closing Statement from Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

Interesting purposes! :)

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    Jan 1 2013: As Fritzie asked me I'm turning the question on myself.

    I think I'm going to continue following what I was starting this year, trying to define a line of work in what I do, so Cinema. I'm working on some projects and I'm trying to find ways to use ideas for the common-wealth and social change. I'll try to write, to get informed, to communicate and to discuss things with everybody really. It is big I know, but I'm sure of starting from little things that can give great achievements as they did for myself in the past.
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      Jan 1 2013: I don't think your aspiration is too big at all, unless you really mean that you aim to "discuss things with everybody really."

      Art, including cinema., so often has a message that constitutes social commentary at some level. Your aims seem to fit well in that tradition.

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