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What is your new year's purpose to get the world in a better shape?

In this world at this moment of history there's a lot of troubles coming out in economics, ecology, politics and everything really. Everybody in his personal life can do something and even if it is little, it's still a lot. WHAT WILL YOU DO? What do you plan for this year? Maybe is it the time to get in action? Or just continuing what you are already doing?

Happy new year TEDsters!


Closing Statement from Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

Interesting purposes! :)

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    Jan 1 2013: Happy New Year Lorenzo; in 2012 I was able to work on media advocacy while putting finishing touches to the earlier drafts of my script 'The Panel' , a story about a woman who faces danger as she tries to expose a multinational pharmaceutical company in a sitting of an anti-corruption panel.
    The war against corruption is something that a global audience can relate to; and my protagonist is a woman. In 2013 I hope to get funding to shoot this film.

    As filmmakers we've got the influence power (like alcohol and women), even if we are not in positional leadership.
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      Jan 1 2013: This si a great plan, I would like to have more informations on your project and see your works. I do the same, I'm an indipendent film director and writer. If you want I can help from distance anyway! ;)
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        Jan 1 2013: Thanks; I'll send you a direct message via your TED profile page as soon as possible.

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