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Hypothetical assumption...

Regardless of accumulated assumptions, combined with study of the Earth, could it be possible that we are wrong in understanding ourselves.

Acknowledging that after thousands of years we still have no concrete answers yet carry the arrogance that would assume we do based on new assumptions.

Furthermore, if you could define the characteristics of a cancer, would one of them be ignorance?

Would the characteristics mimic mankind, self absorbed, self righteous, self denying, destructive to both itself and its environment (the only thing keeping it alive).

Would you define the assimilation of good cells to follow bad cells as a characteristic of humans convincing others to follow its ignorance?

If our vanity is correct, why are we accomplishing the opposite.

If knowledge explained that we are sheep, is that not true? And is that not a catalyst for failure?

Could we be the creators of the big bang's we teach ourselves about? And if so, how would we achieve this, could it be via the creation of black holes? And could this be achieved by awakening a dark matter which immediately begins to absorb with the vanity that we can control its actions?

And if we are this chemical reaction (thought) and did achieve our endless goals of being responsible for the expansion of the universe, would it include a explosion, pieces traveling through space (meteor showers) eventually landing on fertile soil and through evolution begin our journey carrying the knowledge that we descended from the dust of the last meteor which carried our genes to the next phase?

Would vanity be enough to block ourselves from acknowledging this?

And finally, if so, should we continue and therefore stop caring about hurting ourselves for the sake of its continuance, since the two appear to go hand in hand?


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    • Jan 6 2013: Ok I stand corrected...I will read this book...so far there is nothing I can disagree with...and this is remarkable, last book I read was a book suggested to me by Mr. Anderson...it is called...the earth lite only by fire...as I am a Magellan fan, I loved it...a book Catholics would run from...thanks

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