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Hypothetical assumption...

Regardless of accumulated assumptions, combined with study of the Earth, could it be possible that we are wrong in understanding ourselves.

Acknowledging that after thousands of years we still have no concrete answers yet carry the arrogance that would assume we do based on new assumptions.

Furthermore, if you could define the characteristics of a cancer, would one of them be ignorance?

Would the characteristics mimic mankind, self absorbed, self righteous, self denying, destructive to both itself and its environment (the only thing keeping it alive).

Would you define the assimilation of good cells to follow bad cells as a characteristic of humans convincing others to follow its ignorance?

If our vanity is correct, why are we accomplishing the opposite.

If knowledge explained that we are sheep, is that not true? And is that not a catalyst for failure?

Could we be the creators of the big bang's we teach ourselves about? And if so, how would we achieve this, could it be via the creation of black holes? And could this be achieved by awakening a dark matter which immediately begins to absorb with the vanity that we can control its actions?

And if we are this chemical reaction (thought) and did achieve our endless goals of being responsible for the expansion of the universe, would it include a explosion, pieces traveling through space (meteor showers) eventually landing on fertile soil and through evolution begin our journey carrying the knowledge that we descended from the dust of the last meteor which carried our genes to the next phase?

Would vanity be enough to block ourselves from acknowledging this?

And finally, if so, should we continue and therefore stop caring about hurting ourselves for the sake of its continuance, since the two appear to go hand in hand?


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    Jan 2 2013: There is a worldview where we are each the creators of our realities. There are many who practice deliberately manifesting things and situations into their lives. They are very successful at it.

    Your scenerio looks at the outside world. Manifestors look at the inside world, and in this way manipulate the outside world.

    So yes, people are not aware of WHAT they are and are blinded by their untested assumptions.
    • Jan 3 2013: Hello TL
      Sounds similar to a group that calls themselves something like "association for better living" ?, They are or were a local group associated with an American origin, they like most groups spoke against religion but used it as an example, to the extent (as all others) as organizing themselves the same way as a religion.

      Their book spoke of self empowerment, we are our own gods and so on...I dated a girl at the time who swore by it (ironically when I asked her about it she could not explain the principles of the group she just believed), so I went and quickly realized the hypocrisy, however she wanted me to take their classes they offered so I did, and ever sentence caused me to question and low and behold the teachers could not answer, the class told me they enjoyed me questioning the lessons but the girl friend flipped out as I was challenging her beliefs which she could not answer herself.

      So yes there are beliefs, things like this are based on self improvement, in general those that follow have esteem problems or argue religion.

      As per manipulation that is again a self induced reality but there is no way to manipulate what is, it just is and either you can grasp or you follow those who argue or deny it, out of confusion, naivety or simply ignorance that the answers do exist.

      And your last sentence sums it up wonderfully...now stating what you did suggests that you have a understanding of the "what"...can you offer this to me?

      In conclusion of my story, I was asked by one of the leaders if I had any questions, I said no as when I ask questions people get mad, he laughed and assured me I was just asking the wrong person...so i said ok, in your book you use Jesus as an example, but he humbled himself before God (which they did not)...well he started stuttering and said well what about Martin Luther King...I replied but he was a christian...and he snapped and started screaming about being closer to god than jesus and...see next column...
    • Jan 3 2013: and that is the reason (He claimed) is why everyone gets mad at me cause I am always arguing...

      well right there confirmed something I have always known about humans...those with self esteem issues (the majority of people, which is the result of a suppressed society) go through life looking for strength, these types of groups like religions allow people to become a part of something which garners them strengths they never had and they hide those insecurities behind the belief system of the group...so when questioned they come unraveled as the challenge to their beliefs becomes painful as it uncovers that buried insecurity,,,so I am used to emotional responses... so when I receive a response such as yours I find it relaxing, so thank you...

      and again can you define the "what"...

      Also, I know when I write and others respond, they do not always pick up on what my intent was, so if I missed yours please reiterate...I will and can follow...
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        Jan 4 2013: I have a sister who attends what she calls "class" while adamantly denying that it is the religion that it is. I call it a cult (but then I call all Abrahamic traditions cults).

        What are we? Re are creators and co-creators. To be understood, I often call us gods (but if all are/is gods, then do gods exist? No. The word becomes meaningless). You don't need any ancient texts to confirm this. You can test it yourself. The proof will become self-evident and undeniable.

        Conscious creators are first and foremost self-aware. They know what they are thinking, emoting, feeling, speaking, & doing. They have also pursued an examination of their beliefs, and they have removed most contradictions (i.e. Wealthy = good but money is the root of all evil), they have tested their assumptions (i.e. I am inferior/powerless/etc) and have discarded those beliefs that are interfering with their lives. They do this because they know that beliefs form the fabric of our realities.

        Information on how to consciously create your own reality is all over the web, but avoid those who charge money for that knowledge. They don't understand it fully. If they did, they would know that there is no reason to charge. (But we are all on a journey and they are on theirs).

        When you have manifested things so that your power is undeniable TO YOU, then start manifesting events. Start small with things because if you want wealth and don't know why you don't have it now, you will find it extremely difficult to manifest it.

        At some point, you will meet yourself as your ideal and will consciously control your manifestations. Those who don't know how powerful they are are generally sheeple who allow others to control their realities. We are all creating all the time. This being the case, be aware of what you are creating.

        This isn't a religion. I know of no organization for people like me, but we are a growing number globally. We all reached the same conclusions via different routes.

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