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Where is America's centre (center) party?

I'm writing this in the light of the fiscal cliff approaching rapidly and even though this has been heavily debated and reported in the media, no compromise has been made yet.

It makes me wonder why there isn't a centre party in American politics. If such a party refrained from entering the presidential election, which is extremely costly and requires an unrealistic amount of votes to win, and instead sought to gain seats in the senate and congress, such a party could realistically succeed in winning enough seats to be the decisive vote in both houses.

It's simple game theory and would change the political climate dramatically. As it would be impossible to simply block the opponents policy, both of the traditional parties would have an incentive to negotiate and compromise in order to gain influence and avoid being rendered obsolete.

Theoretically 20 seats for a centre party in the senate could also end filibusters.

I think it would be essential for such a party to “steal” votes from both moderate conservatives and moderate democrats. The advantages would be enormous. You would avoid these stall mate situations and by negotiating with both sides of the houses, legislation could accommodate a larger group of the population.

It would change the rhetoric of politics as well, as advocating extreme viewpoints would be less beneficial.

What do you think?

P.s.: Happy terrestrial heliocentric elliptic orbit completion day!


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  • Jan 6 2013: What does 'centrist' mean? Does it mean keeping all of the people's needs in mind and balancing all needs? Political parties are, by definition, creators of division and divisiveness. Red, blue. Who's who?

    There is NO party that can be anything but partisan. This party-based political system is broken; not able to be repaired. Can we think outside of the box and imagine a system where each person has to know the issues and vote based on their own assessment of the situation, rather than relying on their party platform? Is that what Robert means by independent? Where once a decision is made everyone supports it as if it were their own idea and does not subvert the decision because it was not their own? Where forming a bond of unity with all people is desirable? This would not be Utopia. It is called the necessary evolution of humankind and was proposed by a Persian sage over 100 years ago and is in operation in communities all over the world..

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