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Is it possible to travel the world without a Visa? why only for few countries?

My dream is to have a chance to go where ever you like in the world and whenever you want ,imagine that happen ,for sure the world at that time will be In lasting peace!

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    Dec 31 2012: That is the personality control the world according to the benefit ,not to the humanity .
    The problem is not the protocol between the countries , but it is in the environment , community , particularly those used the discrimination by race , region and even the colour of people.
    Dear Xavier , I know you from France and keep in your mind , Yemen area is same France and in Yemen there are many resources of life and development , Yemen still virgin in its beauty rather than France that depends on other countries on its resources! So you are not better than Yemen and don't used that word again!!!
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      Jan 1 2013: "Yemen still virgin in its beauty rather than France that depends on other countries on its resources"

      You argued my own point for me. Economically theres a significant difference between Yemen and France.
      Do you honestly think that if visa-less, borderless allowances were made between the two countries, that (for example) 500,000 Yemeni people would move to France and 500,000 French people would move to Yemen?

      No, the most likely situation is that 500,000 Yemeni would move to France and the number of French who move to Yemen would be negligible.
      Its not about race and its not about colour, its about the economics of taking one country thats currently wealthy and one country that currently isn't, and creating a situation that benefits one country substantially over the other.

      The world isn't an equal playing field, and as we already see in Europe, creating a borderless-super state provides substantially bigger benefits to the poorer east-european countries than it does to the bigger west-European countries.
      The issues that come from this would be increased substantially if we included (for example) East Africa into that model.

      Essentially, allowing people to travel freely provides a great advantage to those who seek a higher standard of living, but not so much to the people who already have it.
      There HAS to be limits (visas, among other things) for some very obvious reasons.
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    Dec 31 2012: I think this is the easiest way to put it.

    Opening up visa-free travel between Yemen and, lets say, France would greatly benefit Yemen, but it wouldn't benefit France.