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Does security have to be humiliating and degrading?

There was a time when countries welcomed visitors. Hospitality was an important part of the culture and welcoming visitors was a part of the proud culture. During the cold war days, terrorism still existed, the Middle Eastern conflict was rampant, USSR was depicted as the cold and ruthless country where individuals didn’t have any freedom, and the Government was highly intrusive and disrespectful with the arrogance of authority.
Today, the equation has flipped around. Airport security is extremely humiliating and intrusive to say the least, Immigration officers are highly intimidating and at very unwelcoming, and people are forced to accept an environment of such hostile and disrespectful gatekeepers in the name of Security and Authority. While they will kill to protect their honor, parents can’t help but stand and watch their young daughters pass through the back scatter screens at the airport while they are fully aware that some of the TSA officers sitting behind the screen are commenting on her figure. Article from Yahoo:
Does security have to be this humiliating? Cant people of the “once” free and developed nations expect to hold on to any dignity and privacy? Cant there be a more respectable and dignified solution to this process considering the advanced technological world we live in?

Closing Statement from Maaher Sayeed

I absolutely support security and protection by law. But I do not believe it has to be this invasive and humiliating to anyone. There ought to be a more intelligent and effecient system. Especially becasue the companies that are providing the security and the ones that are making these scanners are making billions in revenue that is coming out of the tax payers pockets.

It appears that we pay for our own security at the cost of our own humiliation. The link to the article above is one such example. As individuals we may not let this bother us much, but as a family man and putting our children, and family through this process is certainly degrading.

We do need security and be able to travel freely without fear. But we also need a more secure and less invasive process.

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    Dec 31 2012: It's important not to let your dignity depend on the hypothetical behavior of airport personnel. I have two daughters who move through public spaces where I am sure people notice whether they are pretty or how their pants fit. To me this does not reduce their dignity or mine.
  • Jan 1 2013: Security is meant to defeat your spirit.
    It's main purpose is to break you so that you submit and accept totally, that authority is god, truth and right.

    This is especially what they want solely because authority is not god, is not truth and is not right..

    They keep telling US citizens they can protect them if they but give up all their liberties and submit to humiliating, invasive and soul-murder authority and in the next breath say an attack is imminent but they don't know when, where or who!

    This is ludicrous stuff and there are not bombs. They have the bombs and if they want to use your plane as an example to terrorize more citizens with, then they will get the bomb on the plane, because they are the terrorists!

    Religion is a huge part of their sham as the sole purpose of religion is to destroy the human spirit.
    They now pat down small children to humiliate the parents, the guardians, lead the children to the experience of being abandoned by their parents at such pat-downs and teach the children and other children and parents through these examples just how a Fascist and Totalitarian system is, is going to work, is going to take over and to get used to it.
    They don't want anyone resisting or fighting back, so yes, that is the goal: to defeat your spirit.