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Would reforming the core curriculum to include a Metacognition class and a Critical Thinking class be effective in education?

What is your opinion about adding a Metacognition class and a Critical Thinking class to the core curriculum? How would this effect students? Also, how would we need to structure these classes if we were to go about doing them? A Metacognition class would be defined to teach about self-reflecting, understanding, and discovering one's own talents, personality, and ways of thinking (this could be similar to a Psychology class). And a Critical Thinking class would be defined to outline what logic is and teach how to think logically and question rationally (this could be similar and categorized as a Philosophy class).

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  • Jan 15 2013: Courses dedicated to Critical Thinking and Metacognition are readily available at many (most?) colleges & universities. What may be needed is the inclusion of these classes/skills within Colleges of Education/teacher training programs so that elementary and secondary education teachers are well-versed in how to incorporate these skills within k-12 content areas (project based learning opportunities, performance/authentic assessment , etc). Of course, it needs to be balanced with best practices in terms of child development/cognitive development, and it can look different in k-3, 4-8, 9-12 grades and in differnt disciplines. Also, think about debate clubs, essay competitions and other outlets where students need to either individually or in small groups tackle a substantive issue.
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      Jan 16 2013: These subjects are included in teacher credential programs and ongoing professional development for teachers.

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