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A Full Day TEDx event with 16 speakers or 4 hours event with 5 speakers?

I just got done with my first TEDx event and it was a huge success. It was surely one of the best TEDx events of my country, though it was my first. It has motivated me to go ahead and organized a much bigger event now. I am thinking to organize a full day event with 16 speakers.

What do you think, I should follow? 4 sessions with breaks and what not.
I need some tips and advices about the problems I will come across, if you have organized a full day TEDx event.

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    Dec 31 2012: Given that the speakers will most likely be talking for only 5-20 minutes at a time, it would make more sense to have a full days event with the 16 speakers.
    I can't argue on behalf of anyone else, but I wouldn't stick around for 5 hours just to see 5 talks.

    Happy organizing!