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Education kills Curiosity.

Other than destroying personality and oppress people - education is eliminating Curiosity in children and youngsters. Growing up in this society the way Ken Robinson described in his talk "Bring on the learning evolution" is - as he says - in line with the industrial and capitalist system promoting a linear thought. This system which is completely based on consume offers in my opinion an education which is linear in the sense of allowing people to ignore what they are doing and what's the system about. The thing that should be the base of education is curiosity, which allows everybody to understand the connections and focus on the questions "How?" and "Why?". Which is the opposite of the way Capitalism teaches you how to think.

Curiosity is the thing that would change that "linear" into "organic", that would fulfill all the needs of one person to think of what he wants and to take his decisions. To grow real and to be able to go different directions at the same time. And strangely curiosity is the base of what is missing completely into Education. And not only missing, it gets killed.


Closing Statement from Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

A big topic where a lot of people are on one side and others on the other side. Maybe this shows the importance of personal experience. A sign which says that most of the people cannot separate good things they had from the ones that slightly helped them to reach the good things? Or that maybe educational system if it is well considered can hide its problematics a bit?

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  • Jan 3 2013: Killing is a strong word.

    Communism has a very similar approach where the individual is subjected to the will of 'the people' and what is 'needed' in society rather than what the individual wants to do. Individuals can act more freely in a Capitalist society rather than a Communist one. So communist education kills curiosity too but only after it tortures it.

    Having said that, I see our educational system as flawed and in need of revamping but not as the demonized 'personality killing' institution that you see. I see it as a system that tries not to reinvent the wheel on every cycle with every student. How many times do we need to discover DNA? How many times do we need to invent an airplane? How many times do we need to discover physics laws? If you establish the base and allow that curiosity to flourish the possibilities are endless. Curiosity is a 'desire to know' that should be used as a guiding tool but not as the end itself.

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