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Should TED drop the price of attending their events?

I have been on TED for about 6 months now and I would love to attend an event, but the price seems steep to me. I know there is overhead involved with pulling these things together, but the price seems out of reach for most people. The last time I looked, a conference was $7,500 and a conference via satellite was $2,500. I'm not bashing, but is there another model that would allow more people to go to an event for less money? Any thoughts?


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    Dec 31 2012: Many TEDx events are priced to be accessible. Do look for TEDx events near you!

    I don't know NY geography, so here is the full list: http://www.ted.com/tedx/events?filter=&autocomplete_filter=New+York&when=&month=&year=&go=Go
    • Dec 31 2012: I wasn't aware that there were events closer to me. Where can i find out about events in the Northeast? I am in upstate NY.
      Thanks for the info!
    • Dec 31 2012: Thanks for the info. I just looked and saw some events in NY. How are these events affiliated with TED.? Is TED a brand name? Can anyone start an event under the name of TED? I'm kind of new to this so I would like to know what to expect. have you been to any local TEDx events?
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        Dec 31 2012: Here is one thing I found by following the link you can access above that reads TEDx Events. http://www.ted.com/pages/organize_tedx_event. There is more information there as well which will tell you everything you likely want to know about TEDx.

        I attended a TEDxChange event in my location in 2012. If you look among the TED talks that are posted on this site, you will find that many are, in fact, from TEDx events rather than the two annual TED conferences.

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