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Should TED drop the price of attending their events?

I have been on TED for about 6 months now and I would love to attend an event, but the price seems steep to me. I know there is overhead involved with pulling these things together, but the price seems out of reach for most people. The last time I looked, a conference was $7,500 and a conference via satellite was $2,500. I'm not bashing, but is there another model that would allow more people to go to an event for less money? Any thoughts?


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    Dec 30 2012: I know guys but they are a non profit and a non government service, Okay they might get some spinoff somewhere but the price hasn't risen each year has it?

    It is expensive but there is only two main events with the satellite events going on in each country and of course the local TEDx.
    • Dec 30 2012: My point is that maybe there should be more events at a cheaper price for more people to attend.
      Thank you for getting involved in the conversation Ken!
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        Dec 30 2012: I don't know the full story of how these events are handled but what i do know is that ted grants the rights to an organizer to stage a tedx in their local areas but that's as far as ted gets involved.

        You understand that ted covers the costs of the attending speakers? I'm only guessing but more would require a much larger budget. You will not get professionals donating their time just for entertainment purposes, their busy people but i'm sure one or two have. I'm sure they have these plans for the future sometime and one of the other teddies would of popped up with a headsup on it but so far i haven't come across any.

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