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Should TED drop the price of attending their events?

I have been on TED for about 6 months now and I would love to attend an event, but the price seems steep to me. I know there is overhead involved with pulling these things together, but the price seems out of reach for most people. The last time I looked, a conference was $7,500 and a conference via satellite was $2,500. I'm not bashing, but is there another model that would allow more people to go to an event for less money? Any thoughts?


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    Dec 30 2012: I've had friends who have been to TEDx conferences (I don't know how accurately this applies to the actual TEDevents, but I assume theres some similarity).
    Apparently there isn't much that goes on as a real life observer than what goes on in the videos that would make the price tag worth while. Alot of standing and sitting and a few select talks that might not make it to the youtube channel(s) (but often for more negative reasons, such as image quality or limited entertainment value, rather than a v.i.p bonus, etc etc).

    My advice would be to just watch the videos online for free, atleast as I'm personally unconvinced the tickets should even be $75, let alone $7500
    • Dec 30 2012: Thanks Xavier!
      For me, it's a matter of principle as well. It's hard to rationalize spending that much money to attend seminars in person. I think we're all looking to be more involved but I feel like there is a ceiling for many of us because of cost.

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