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Should we believe in the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is the belief that like attracts like.
Think about positive things, maintain a positive attitude, you will reap positive outcomes.
Same for negativity, if you think negatively, you will attract negative outcomes.

My question is, should we really believe in this Law of Attractions?
Do you think it's legitimate or is it just some sort of spoof? 
All other laws had to be scientifically proven. Whereas this law fails to have any scientific basis. Yet, many people have faith in this belief. 

So what do you think? Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Why or why not?


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  • Dec 30 2012: The Law of Attraction described in book/movie "The Secret" was incomplete. Since parts were left out, therefore, many people failed when they attempted to use it as described. A complete description of the Law of Attraction and the scientific background, as well as the way to apply it in your life, is available. If you have a burning desire to discover the true nature of the Law of Attraction, you will draw it to you.
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      Dec 30 2012: Thank you. I will keep that in mind and look more into those things.

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