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Help with ADHD?

I was diagnosed with ADHD late in life, while struggling through and trying to fight it just can''t afford to quit or lose another job. I am very open minded and wish to learn as much as I can about everything but this memory of mine and lack of focus won't allow it. Please at least. point me in the right direction.


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  • Dec 29 2012: I will not settle for something that I have to like so that I can be focused. I want to focus at any moment I want to learn everything and have no limits. And not have to listen to strange Binaural frequencies or read about NLP to do so. I want to read any book and remember its contents even if I hate the book I want to be able to tell what I hate about it and articulate. The sky is the limit for me and I refuse to be stuck jumping up and down 2ft and letting gravity get the best of me. I know there are scientific ways of changing the way my brain fires as a sort of mental tune up. I want to know how to physically fix it not just change it by way of free gimmick.

    Well free is always good sorry I lied on that last sentence, but you get what I’m trying to say. I guess I want to turn my brain in to a super computer at any cost. If science has proven to know how the brain fires all its neurons and receptors, modalities and so forth. Well I’m a guinipig and wish to be used as a computer, anything is better than what I am presently going through. Please don’t get me wrong binaural works, it will take time but it works. NLP well I love NLP but the fact that I can’t retain what I read or listen to sometimes do help that. Meds who doesn’t like Meds if I can remember to take them LOL

    I really appreciate the way you all have pointed me in directions thank you and I am very grateful that in the past few hours I got more help on TED then in 10 years. Spending so much money and waiting to see psychologists, telling them what Meds I should take. If I had TED 10 years ago I would have been fixed within months or upgraded at the least. Am I rambling sorry I get that way sometimes hey I stayed focused enough to write three paragraphs. I guess I’ll stick to the Binaural, NLP, and Meds and keep on this journey…… Thanks
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      Dec 29 2012: One thing I forgot to tell you about. Most ppl with ADHD have an ability to "hyperfocus." It's the only way I got through school. You might want to learn how to leverage this ability with your job selection. You will be much happier.


      For example, if you can play video games for hours without stopping, maybe that should lead you to a career

      Stop fighting it or medicating it or trying to get your brain to fire differently. It's a gift and very valuable if you learn how to use it correctly. I tell people my brain does not work like other peoples. It does a lot of things at once. And at my age, I have yet to even finish a book I hated let alone remember it. Good luck on your journey.
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      Dec 29 2012: With all due respect Mark I would be doing you a disservice not to indicate you have bought into the "diagnosis" and are acquiescing to it which will be a self inflicted disability. In some sense I get it is easier and you do not have to try and maybe the government will give you money to be disabled and to the nice drug companies that are going to "help".

      Sorry I'm not buying. Try to explain your predicament to a starving child in a third world country or someone with terminal cancer or a soldier with half of his limbs blown off to protect the freedom that you casually discard. Get over it and deal with it.
      • Dec 29 2012: Pat I have had a very rough life, I work very hard and a lot of my best friends served, I know people who are terminally ill. I never asked for this problem ok nothing has been self inflicted. Maybe my personal childhood issues caused it but regardless I'm asking for direction not contribution, My father left me with a mother that had mental issues and the list can go on....I have knowone to blame but myself I should have left home when i was a year old as soon as I knew my mother was ill right.....No I'm fighting I would have in-listed but I didn't graduate.

        with all due respect diagnosis=funds your right but I still fight every day and work hard but I want to fix my way of learning to learn why what I learned won't stick and relearn seems to be the thing to do....
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          Dec 29 2012: "I guess I’ll stick to the Binaural, NLP, and Meds and keep on this journey"

          That statement does not indicate that you are fighting?

          If you are for real private email me, I have some Real answers to this problem.

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