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Help with ADHD?

I was diagnosed with ADHD late in life, while struggling through and trying to fight it just can''t afford to quit or lose another job. I am very open minded and wish to learn as much as I can about everything but this memory of mine and lack of focus won't allow it. Please at least. point me in the right direction.


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    Gail . 50+

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    Dec 29 2012: MEDITATION!!!! There is evidence that it works - but it's not a quick fix.

    You may find it difficult because of the ADHD, so consider starting with training wheels. Use binaural beats. You must listen to them with STEREO headset, and when the thought try to distract you, if you can't ignore them, just focus on the tone.

    There are several types of meditation, but the one you are looking for is the one where you sit comfortably (no lotus position required) and relax into yourself. Let your thoughts go (the goal is to not think). Do this 20 mins 2ce/day for the rest of your life. You will be transformed.

    Meditation reduces activity in the amygdala (fear/anxiety center) of the brain. It is responsible for impulsive actions. At the same time it increases activity in the frontal cortex (executive center) that is responsible for RATIONAL long-term decisions. It even thickens the frontal cortex and can increase IQ up to 6 points.

    It will probably take 3 months before you notice a change in yourself. It happens so naturally. But it may take years before you & your doctor agree that you are ready to eliminate meds.

    There are free binaural beats available on-line. You can also find them on YouTube. Those come with pictures (videos), but I recommend that you close your eyes rather than watch the videos. Your goal is to reduce thought distractions and videos tend to increase them for me. But you can try it both ways and find the way that is most helpful.

    This really works. There is growing evidence that meditation is like some sort of a miracle drug.

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