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Help with ADHD?

I was diagnosed with ADHD late in life, while struggling through and trying to fight it just can''t afford to quit or lose another job. I am very open minded and wish to learn as much as I can about everything but this memory of mine and lack of focus won't allow it. Please at least. point me in the right direction.


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  • Dec 29 2012: Maybe self-hypnosis would help,but if not it's medicate or don't Unless you can anchor the work the meds do some early NLP books also talk about ADHD.Of course,your choice of jobs could be a problem too. Talk about wieners and losers has become very popular - I've seen lots of alleged losers,but I've seen few wieners. Be realistic. Godspeed.
    • Dec 29 2012: I've been looking into NLP I understand all of the views and strategies, my lack of focus and memory seems to keep me from retaining the good stuff. And I've seen a lot of losers as well I'm not letting my loss's get in the way I'm way stronger then ever. If I can just find a way to erase and restore the hard drive and wipe the memory in my mind. Or upgrade the software I wouldn't need to worry about losing. I know that I can find another job that's not hard at all. I'm tired of it though and my mind really doesn't kick in when I need it to. Don't get me wrong I have know problem being a loser or a wiener I just want to retain everything about both so I can choose one and stick to it.....

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