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Education "vouchers" solve the fiscal crisis, and also lead to economic recovery?

Simply open up K-12 education to the market place, with government only playing a role by financing the students with a yearly education check of $8000.

*www.usagovernmentspending.com shows American local governments spending $458.3 billion for K-12 education in 2012.
*(Sir Ken Robinson says this education system is a complete failure)
*The new education cost of $8000 education check to 50 million K-12 students is $400 billion per year
*This saves $58.3 billion
*(a $6000 check would save $158.3 billion)
*The yearly education check allows students(and their parents) to choose how, when, where, and what they learn, and also who teaches them
*The yearly education check of $8000 opens up a $400B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives
*($6000 check opens up a $300B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives)

State fiscal crisis solved, federal fiscal crisis solved, and the new education market leads America's economic recovery.

Thoughts everyone?


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    Jan 14 2013: Considering the majority of any school’s financing come from local tax revenue, it seems to me this conversation off target.

    So about the federal government getting totally out of offline education, and restricted to online only.
    Cities and states run offline schools as they see fit, and use the national online education system as they see fit.

    With a national online K-12+ a grade-A would meaningful no matter what offline school you attended.
    In fact going to a poor school should make an online-A even more meaningful.
    • Jan 14 2013: Actually, Petar's numbers ARE local numbers, summed up across the nation. Local governments are the right place to add it up, as those numbers still reflect money spent that was received from both federal and state governments.
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        Jan 14 2013: I stand corrected, Thanks

        Is there any rules/laws preventing states or cities from switching to vouchers?
        • Jan 15 2013: Vouchers just need votes from the people

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