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Education "vouchers" solve the fiscal crisis, and also lead to economic recovery?

Simply open up K-12 education to the market place, with government only playing a role by financing the students with a yearly education check of $8000.

*www.usagovernmentspending.com shows American local governments spending $458.3 billion for K-12 education in 2012.
*(Sir Ken Robinson says this education system is a complete failure)
*The new education cost of $8000 education check to 50 million K-12 students is $400 billion per year
*This saves $58.3 billion
*(a $6000 check would save $158.3 billion)
*The yearly education check allows students(and their parents) to choose how, when, where, and what they learn, and also who teaches them
*The yearly education check of $8000 opens up a $400B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives
*($6000 check opens up a $300B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives)

State fiscal crisis solved, federal fiscal crisis solved, and the new education market leads America's economic recovery.

Thoughts everyone?


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  • Jan 12 2013: Hi Peter,

    There is nothing innovative in your ideas.

    Very old, Proven to be a failure repeatedly.

    Economics is on the ash heap precisely because people do not act rationally, do not have perfect information, and their collective preferences do not reach some kind of socially optimal equilibrium in the long run.

    Education outcomes will never be equal, and never be better than they are right now.

    Can this nation withstand a social experiment of this magnitude. I personally doubt it.

    And your promises simply do not convince me and most people of a brighter future for educational outcomes. Why should they? Your discipline has consistently failed to predict anything. Heck, you guys cannot even agree on the past.

    Economics and social science are opinion masquerading as fact.

    Your ideas are based upon pure myth.
    • Jan 12 2013: Public schooling being a disaster is a myth?
      • Jan 13 2013: Cite your source that public education is a "disaster". Based on what empirical data?

        What makes a school a "disaster"? Are the issues we are attempting to address "school-based" issues or "life - based" issues?

        For example, a student who is jailed and can't graduate on time. Is that the fault of the school? The student who has to quit to support the family, is that a school issue? Do we blame the public education for all the ills of the family and the public? And, please be honest here, will this "new" idea make any difference? Where is the evidence that it will do better? There are plenty of private and charter schools out there for comparison right now. There should be ample empirical evidence to support this hypothesis if you believe it to be correct and accurate.

        Please support you statements rather than simply your opinion of current issues.

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