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Education "vouchers" solve the fiscal crisis, and also lead to economic recovery?

Simply open up K-12 education to the market place, with government only playing a role by financing the students with a yearly education check of $8000.

*www.usagovernmentspending.com shows American local governments spending $458.3 billion for K-12 education in 2012.
*(Sir Ken Robinson says this education system is a complete failure)
*The new education cost of $8000 education check to 50 million K-12 students is $400 billion per year
*This saves $58.3 billion
*(a $6000 check would save $158.3 billion)
*The yearly education check allows students(and their parents) to choose how, when, where, and what they learn, and also who teaches them
*The yearly education check of $8000 opens up a $400B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives
*($6000 check opens up a $300B/year market to entrepreneurs, teachers, and creatives)

State fiscal crisis solved, federal fiscal crisis solved, and the new education market leads America's economic recovery.

Thoughts everyone?


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  • Jan 5 2013: Mike Trainor,
    So you can't help yourself but feed your kids at McDonalds? Please, don't be so naive about parents.

    What part of educational choice do you not understand?
    -All students would be able to choose to use their education money for services provided by public schools too.
    -Parents and students can choose the public schools with their money.
    -The market opens to everyone: Individuals, tutors, charities, churches, NGOs, private enterprises, state owned enterprises, foreign governments.

    As for your rule of thumb and people choosing a McDonald's education for their children:
    -What is it about giving people individual liberty and freedom for education and food that bothers you so much?
    -What's so appealing to you about having an aristocratic elite forcing food and educational onto masses?
    -Why do you believe you are apart of that aristocratic elite? Because you don't eat at McDonalds?
    -Do you also feel America suffered when mostly uneducated and illiterate slaves were freed?
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      • Jan 8 2013: Mike,
        The first seven paragraphs you wrote were your own blind assumptions without any inklings of supporting evidence. You chose to write petty tirades and attach personal attacks to them, then continued with rhetorical remarks in your follow up replies. Including the one above.

        What's more is that, in a forum supposedly geared towards intellectual discourse, when you were asked serious questions that happen to underscore your own hypocrisy and unconscious elitist disposition, you tucked your tail and ran away like a sissy. You know what? Your comments remind me of the juvenile dialogue in old MSN Chat rooms.

        Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you the one who quit TED conversations because you feel conversations remind you of old MSN chat rooms? Yeah, that's right, you are the one.
        Mike Trainor: "Time to say g'bye - this forum is beginning to remind me of the old MSN Chat rooms."

        Here's an idea Mike. Maybe TED conversations remind you of old MSN chat rooms because that's exactly what you bring to TED conversations.

        So I am glad you are done here. Please keep your word this time.

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